Our 10-Step Musical Journey!


STEP 2 👣 

In (2 WEEKS) you will be able to play the 2 most important passing chords known to mankind, the Dominant 7th Chords and the Diminished 7th chord! You will also discover creative ways to use them in Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Country, R&B and Neo Soul in ALL 12 keys!

✅  You will be able to play the Dominant 7th passing chord, and how to quickly apply it in ALL 12 Keys!

Which Video Series (Lesson)? 

  • "All Keys Matter" Series - L4: The Simple Dominant 7th Chord

✅  You will be able to play the Diminished 7th passing chord, each inversion, and open voicing in ALL 12 keys! 

Which Video Series (Lesson)?

  • "All Keys Matter" Series - L5: The Simple Diminished 7th Chord
  • "Play Like YOU" Series 1 - L3a: Major, minor, Infinite

"STEP 2" Tutorials 

All Keys Matter

  • PREMIUM Lessons Added Monthly
  • Study Guides (pdf)
  • MIDI Files

Play Like YOU
Series 1 & 2

  • 9 PREMIUM Lessons
  • Play-Along Tracks
  • Included in "ALL-Access" Plan $19-$39
  • or One-Time Purchase $44

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