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Rodney's  TOUCH

Signature Series

 "TOUCH" is Rodney East's highly-anticipated (Gospel, Jazz, Neo Soul and R&B) Piano Masterclass; curated for musicians looking to add his special nuances, dexterity and TOUCH! This is a unique 2-Hour Instructional Video + BONUS 2-Hours of Performances (with slow motion, to watch and learn ALL of Rodney's Signature Licks & TOUCH).  The goal is for you to be able to flow & express your own creative piano skills freely on the piano within a very short time of learning. Our mission is to simplify your musical journey!

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Our 300+ premium piano lessons are divided into 4 COLLECTIONS to make learning much easier!
✅ Beginner lessons are located inside of our "JumpStart" Collection.
✅ Intermediate lessons are located inside of our "Next Level" Collection.
✅ Advanced lessons are located inside of our"Performance" Collection.
Supplemental lessons are located inside of our "FREE CLUB" Collection.



Our "JumpStart" Collection:

This collection is included in our "ALL-ACCESS" Plan, and perfectly curated for Absolute Beginners to Intermediate Musicians & Singers looking to "JumpStart" or refresh their musical journey!

This piano, organ & vocal library will take your playing & singing from Basic to AMAZING; which also includes this "Play Like YOU" Series 1 & 2!

In this "Jump Start" Collection alone, there are OVER 25 video lessons (from our top beginner/intermediate piano, organ and vocal video series), which are ALL slow-paced, and easy to follow!


Where should I begin?

We have created an exciting, yet Pretty "SIMPLE" Music path that provides the quickest short-cuts, which give you the best results! On your "Musical Journey", we provide you with the most essential tools and unique musical "formulas" that will quickly help you reach your goals and get you to your desired destination - we are with you every STEP of the way!

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"ALL-Access" Includes:


Our "Next Level" Collection:

Created for the NEXT LEVEL of your musical journey (Beginner to Advanced).  You will have ALL-Access to OVER 200 amazing video lessons from 26 complete video series -  BUNDLED TOGETHER into one "ALL-Access" Plan - including top-sellers like our "Dirty Chords" Series, "TransFormula" Series, Expand Series and even our newly released "Jazz Masterclass" Series!  

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Signature Series

"How to Flow" is Eitan Kenner's solution-based (Jazz, Neo Soul and Gospel) Piano Masterclass; curated for musicians looking to play freely, without mental blocks or anxiety, while also expanding your musical vocabulary, theory and piano dexterity. This is a step-by-step, 4-Hour Piano Masterclass led by the world-renown pianist, Eitan Kenner!

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"ALL-Access" Includes:

"Performance" Collection:

Created for Intermediate to Advanced Musicians who prefer learning primarily from watching "Real-Time" and "Slow-Motion" Piano & Organ Performances from TOP musicians around the world. 

Includes OVER 70 "PERFORMANCE" Video lessons + MIDI Files + Play-Along Tracks!



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