Our 10-STEP Musical Journey!


STEP 10 👣 

Congratulations for advancing to STEP 10 - MASTERY!  This collection of video performances & instruction are from some of the world's top musicians!  There is no estimated time for this group of video lessons, as you will be able to learn various chords, progressions and licks in both Normal Speed and Slow Study Mode!



Play That AGAIN Series

  • 3 Hours of (COMBINED) HD Video
  • MIDI Files from each Demonstration
  • BONUS Play-a-long Tracks from each Demonstration
  • Included in "ALL-Access" Plan $19-$39
  • or Individual Series Purchase $34

Play It ORGANized Series 1

  • 2 Hours of Video Footage
  • 11 Organ Videos (Each w/ Slow Motion Breakdowns)
  • MIDI Files (Dual-Layered from Keyboard and Foot Pedals)
  • 5 BONUS FOOTAGE Videos
  • Included in "ALL-Access" Plan $19-$39
  • or One-Time Purchase $44

"WoodShed" Series

  • OVER 3 Hours of (COMBINED) Video Footage
    (32 min. Performance, 162 min. Study Mode (SLOW), 10 min. Breakdown)
  • MIDI Files from each Video Demo & Breakdown Lesson
  • BONUS Play-Along Track & Score pdf. for "Flintstones"
  • Included in "ALL-Access" Plan $19-$39
  • or Individual Series Purchase $34

"CHURCHY" Series


    • ALL 12 Congregational "Churchy" Performance Videos
      Song template (3 minutes long in each key) fits songs like:
      "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus","I'm A Soldier"
      and the popular churchy repetitive vamps like:
      "Power Lord, "What's His Name - Jesus"...
    • ALL 12 Slow-Motion "Study" Videos
    • ALL 12 Performance MIDI Files
    • ALL 12 of Vaughn V.Keys Henry's Churchy "Play-Along"
      mp3 Tracks (ALL 12 KEYS)
    • *BONUS - 10 Quick "Churchy" Licks Video

    CHURCHY Series 2 (COVERS ALL 12 KEYS):

    • STEP-BY-STEP Instructional Videos - ALL 12 KEYS 
      *Covers Congregational & Preacher Chords
    • Antuan Walker's Complete Instructional Lesson MIDI File

    *CHURCHY Series 1 is a PERFORMANCE-BASED video collection in all 12 keys, designed for the Intermediate to Advanced musician. 

    **CHURCHY Series 2 is a step-by-step instructional video for Intermediate to Advanced musicians – this series is sure to enhance both, your congregational and preacher chords on the piano!

  • Included in "ALL-Access" Plan $19-$39
  • or Individual Series Purchase $64

Congratulations 🎉

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